About the Forum on Eco-smart Consumption

Publicerad 8 januari 2019

The Forum on Eco-smart Consumption is a meeting place for professionals who work to get people to consume more environmentally sustainable.

The idea of the forum is simple. We believe that if you are a professional who work with sustainable consumption, in the public, private or non-profit sector, together with others can help change our patterns of consumption. But it takes interaction, knowledge sharing and finding new solutions. We can do this at our digital meeting place forummiljosmart.se as well as at seminars, hearings and other events.

The forum is working for the vision that sustainable consumption will become the standard for future generations, as opposed to today when our lifestyle means that we use more natural resources than what we have available.

Focus on private consumption, behavior and gender equality

The forum focuses its efforts on private consumption in the areas where it has the greatest environmental impact.

Within the forum we are sharing knowledge about how we can change consumer behavior in a more sustainable direction and what differences exist between the attitudes and actions of women and men.

A government assignment to the Swedish Consumer Agency

The Forum on Eco-smart Consumption is run by the Swedish Consumer Agency on behalf of the government. It is part of the government's strategy for sustainable consumption and a contribution towards achieving the UN's global sustainable development goals.

The government has appointed an advisory board to support the running of the Forum on Eco-smart consumption. It consists of ten members from academia, private companies, civil society, local government offices and municipalities.

The mission of the forum is carried out in consultation with, among others, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Swedish Chemicals Agency and the Swedish Energy Agency.

Become a member for knowledge sharing and collaboration

By becoming a member of forummiljosmart.se you get a network of new contacts that you can discuss, collaborate, exchange knowledge and develop ideas with.

Become a member of the Forum on Eco-smart Consumption

The Swedish government's strategy on sustainable consumption