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Energy AWARE Clock

Publicerad 9 januari 2019

Energy AWARE Clock is an electricity meter that resembles an ordinary kitchen clock. It is designed to make energy awareness a part of everyday life. The clock visualizes the daily energy rhythms of the household and reminds of the ordinary kitchen clock, both in form, place and use. Take a glance at your Energy AWARE Clock – in the same way you glance at the clock every now and then – and be enlightened. Energy AWARE Clock shows the electricity consumption in real time. If the dishwasher is switched on it shows immediately on the display of the unit. Yesterday’s graphs fade away slowly and today’s consumption is drawn on top of previous days, making it possible to survey the energy consumption for several periods.

The Energy AWARE Clock was commercialised in 2012 and then called simply Aware Clock.

AWARE was a design oriented research project that aimed at increasing people's awareness of how energy is being used in everyday life, especially in our home environment. The objectives where to develop strategies and artefacts that make people attentive of their energy use, as well as offer them control and possibilities of making their energy use more efficient.

design: Loove Broms and Karin Ehrnberger
context: AWARE project, RISE - Interactive Institute, Energy Design
project team: Loove Broms, Karin Ehrnberger, Sara Illstedt Hjelm, Erika Lundell and Jin Moen




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