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Influencing Sustainable Food Consumption through the use of Sustainable

Publicerad 28 mars 2018

Food production and consumption have been found to contribute to as much as 20-30% of anthropogenic
greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. While the pressing need for a sustainable food system is widely
acknowledged, there is currently no consensus on the way to transform the food system. Recent studies have
addressed the use of sustainable public procurement (SPP) as an efficient tool to improve the sustainability of
the food system as it is one of the very few regulatory instruments that can influence the sustainability work
among organizations and suppliers outside Sweden.

The new Swedish procurement legislation provides unique possibilities to setting even more effective criteria covering the full life cycle of products. Based on this new situation, the overall aim of this project is to
strengthen SPP as a tool for more sustainable food production and consumption in collaboration with
stakeholders along the entire value chain.

The project includes three specific objectives:
-Synthesize the current use of criteria in public procurement of food to promote sustainable food
production and consumption
-Understand and analyze the influence and implications of procurement processes for promoting changes
and decision-making for more sustainable production and consumption throughout the life cycle of food
-Develop and improve criteria used for sustainable public procurement of food based on scientific
knowledge, stakeholder dialogue and collaboration



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