About the Forum on Eco-smart Consumption

Publicerad 21 mars 2018

The Swedish Consumer Agency has been allocated an assignment by the government to build a forum for social stakeholders to make it easier for people to consume in a more environmentally sustainable manner. Our vision for our work at the Forum on Eco-smart Consumption is that environmentally sustainable consumption shall become the standard for future generations.

Animated illustration showing knowledge, cooperation and innovation.

What the forum does

The Forum on Eco-smart Consumption is not just a digital meeting place, but a real meeting-place where we gather at various types of physical events and meetings. We believe that those who work on sustainable consumption in the public, private or non-profit sector can together with others help to change our pattern of consumption. However, this requires knowledge, collaboration and innovations. By working together on common challenges, complex questions and sharing knowledge, we can only get better!

The Forum focuses on private consumption and the areas where this has the greatest impact on the environment - the areas that have been identified are food, mobility, housing, textiles, electronics, holiday travel and fund saving. Developments within the circular economy and sharing economy are also things that we are following.

Join the forum

By registering on the digital meeting place, you will be able to increase your network of contacts with whom you can cooperate and develop your ideas. The target is that the Forum on Eco-smart Consumption will become the natural place to visit for those who are working to influence the consumer's opportunities to make environmentally conscious choices.

Collaboration is in reality not always easy, but it is our ambition that the Forum on Eco-smart Consumption will become useful and provide added value by mediating contacts, sharing learning examples and providing tips on useful methods with proven effect.

Our assignment and our goals

The work to develop the Forum on Eco-smart Consumption stems from the Strategy for Sustainable Consumption and the government assignment the Swedish Consumer Agency was allocated in the spring of 2017. To reach sustainable consumption and production is a global sustainability goal within the framework of Agenda 2030. The Forum on Eco-smart Consumption is an important contribution in the work to reach the UN's global target for sustainable development.

In addition to the global targets it has also been determined that the Forum on Eco-smart Consumption shall contribute to reaching the Swedish environmental targets including the generation target.

The Swedish government's strategy on sustainable consumption